So this is how it starts

Welcome to my website and blog. As I sit here thinking what to write for my first blog entry I realize a new challenge to photography, writers block. Wait........what does writers block have to do with photography? Well, nothing. Until one decides to share and promote their work on the internet for all to see. So why does that require writing a blog? Before the internet and personal websites, artists promoted their work by getting showings at local venues such as libraries, art and craft fairs, and galleries. This always required one on one communication with others in order to gain access to those venues, and further conversation with individuals that stop by to see their work. While this is still an important part of the process, it is now supplemented the blog, at least on the internet. But the thing with blogs is that it can sometimes be a one sided conversation. That's good, as it allows me to share my thoughts and ideas about photography and gives you, the reader, an understanding of where I come from as an artist. The flip side is that I may go wandering off in the wrong direction and sometimes a little feedback is needed to help me understand what the audience is looking for. So feel free to respond to my posts and make this a two way conversation. Just bear with me as I'm new at this blogging thing and sometimes life can get in the way of progress, so it may be a few days before I get to respond. We'll just see where this takes us.