“To see beyond the ordinary and develop a greater appreciation in the often overlooked things we pass by every day.” That is the thought process behind North Carolina native fine art photographer Keith Reavis. Born and raised in the foothills of North Carolina, he grew up surrounded by the iconic views many associate with life in rural farming communities and small towns.

His introduction to photography began in elementary school as an interest in the science and chemistry of developing and printing images in a traditional darkroom. Encouraged by art teachers who recognized his unique vision and early talent, he soon became interested in the entire process. Over the next 30 years he built his skills and refined his vision as the ebb and flow of life allowed, and sometimes interrupted, the opportunity to elevate the quality of his work. Now in his 40’s with a family and full time job in the field of industrial automation, he still stretches to fit time in for photography. “I'm not exactly a prolific photographer, I don’t put up new images weekly. I get an idea for an image and then pursue the creation of the final print for months, sometimes going back to the location multiple times to get the right look. Occasionally I get lucky and am in the right place at the right time, but that presents the challenge of knowing it’s a one-time opportunity that may be gone forever a few seconds later.”

During the process of creating final pieces to hang on the wall, he came into contact with several individuals in the high end custom printing and framing industry who were equally impressed by his high quality of work, and the fact he is mostly self-taught. One of the biggest highlights of his photographic career came when he was invited by Candice Brown, owner and artist of Wanderlust Studios in downtown Elkin, NC, to begin displaying and selling his work there. “It’s kind of a ‘holy grail’ of the art world. When you’re accepted into an established gallery it validates you’re work, it means that you’ve developed a vision and skill set and can execute to a very high level.”